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CaJacob Law Group has one clear mission: provide the absolute best service possible. In fact, it’s the sole reason our firm was first founded. Jennifer CaJacob held a well-established position at her previous practice, but she chose to branch out on her own specifically to pave a new road in the area of client satisfaction.

Today, we all individually play a role in fulfilling our firm’s philosophy each and every day. We commit to providing all of our clients with regular updates and doing whatever we possibly can to help them both in and out of our specified areas of practice. Schedule a free consultation with our bankruptcy and personal injury attorneys today.

True Advocacy Extends
Beyond the Courtroom

"If you want to make a difference, you have to address the full picture."
Jennifer CaJacob

Dress for Success

This unique organization provides interview clothing to women in need, along with a variety of professional development services. As many of these women are facing insurmountable debt, Jennifer makes a point to lead regular seminars on the basics of bankruptcy for the group. 

Junior League of Columbus

Known by many as one of the oldest nonprofits around, the Junior League of Columbus spearheads a plethora of community improvement projects around the city. Jennifer spends much of her free time away from the firm volunteering with this honorable group of philanthropists. 

Kelton House Museum & Garden 

Due to its history in the Underground Railroad, the Kelton House Museum & Garden holds a special place in Jennifer’s heart. Because she believes in empowering the disadvantaged, she has an appreciation for anyone else who does the same. So, if you happen to stop by, you’re likely to see Jennifer there showing her support.

Goodwill Service Board

Jennifer is also a highly active member of the Goodwill Services Board. As one of the largest charities of its kind, there are many tasks to tackle. Jennifer personally assists with event planning in hopes that she can do her part in helping those with physical and mental impairments find meaningful work.

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At our firm, "paying it forward" is a philosophy we take to heart.

Please know that if you send your clients our way for assistance with matters of bankruptcy or personal injury, we will gladly do the same when we encounter clients in need of your own services. Let’s band together and provide greater value to our clients.
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We Play to Our Strengths in Order to Best Serve You

Rather than molding ourselves into a full-service firm that could meet any and every need imaginable, we decided to focus on serving you in the areas in which we are strongest. 

Jennifer CaJacob has concentrated her practice on bankruptcy law ever since she was fresh out of law school. To date, she has handled well over 1,500 bankruptcies. Though she is qualified to represent clients in matters of personal injury, she continually chooses to hone her craft through specialization instead.

Jennifer’s counterpart, Brian Duffy, feels quite similarly about their own areas of practice. Because they have the most experience in the field of personal injury, they exclusively direct their attention to cases of that nature. 

If you see us expand our services, it will only be because we have acquired another attorney who has a proven track record of success in that particular area of the law. For now, we’re content to simply be staunch advocates of your wealth and health.